Fiorano 2010, the excitement of the first grape harvest.

It’s the 30th of September 2010 when the Fattoria Fiorano started its first “vendemmia” , grape harvest.
Passion, dedication and excitement can be seen in Alessia Antinori’s eyes whilst she picks the first bunch of Merlot grapes. The sun is shining on the recently renovated vineyard that was worked entirely with spades made of chestnut wood. After a long abandonment, the manor house looks out over the valley and appears to want to oversee each cut and carefully accompany each bunch of grapes into the waiting basket. The thick skinned grapes are undamaged on the vines caressed by the gentle “ponentino” a westerly wind that blows off the sea in the early afternoon.
The venerable age of the vineyard has protected the grapes from the mild and dry climate at the beginning of the year that favoured the early budding and also from the hot summer that compelled very precise positioning of the leaves to protect the grapes from scorching by the sun. The grapes are strictly divided into variety, destemmed and the must was poured by hand in to small upturned oak barrels with an opening on the top. It has been decided to use a minimal amount of sulphites, just enough to allow the natural selected yeasts to override the apiculate lees.
So now the alcoholic fermentation has commenced.
The limited quantity produced has enabled the maceration process to proceed with extraction by punching down: in the first stages of fermentation, when the alcohol concentration was low, a three pointed stick was used, followed by manual fulling, once the alcohol level rose. After the wine was drawn from the vat a vertical press was used, the wine was then transferred to aged wooden barrels for two years enhancing the distinct characteristics of the antique vines and the savory released from the volcanic earth caused by an ancient volcanic flow. The wine obtained this way was then bottled where it started the refining process for approximately eighteen months.
These eight rows of vines, four Merlot and four Cabernet, farmed only organically for over half a century are only some of the far sighted intuitions of Prince Alberico. It was decided to start again using that same vineyard, using mass propagation. It is because of all Alessia’s work , supported by the great passion of Alessio Bellafiore and the rest of the people working on the Fattoria Fiorano that in the next few years the historical Fiorano wine will be revived. A wine produced exclusively during the best wine producing years, from selected grapes after careful work in the vineyard in order to protect the health of the grapes, the varietal aromatic characteristics and dose the level of sugars, acids, polyphenols and primary flavors .
The 2010 Fiorano is a wine of an intense red colour with garnet reflections. To the nose a distinct bouquet of red fruits, a hint of tobacco that enhances the soft and elegant tannin. It is a rounded well-structured wine with a hint of savory which recalls the typical volcanic and pozzolanic roman agricultural land.
The first year’s productin of Fiorano wine is very exclusive: 500 bottles labelled and numbered one by one entirely by hand.